TUCA —  Contributed Talk in Tuesday-A   (02-Oct-12   08:30—08:55)
Beam Instrumentation Global NETwork [BIGNet]: A Common Web Portal for Beam Instrumentalists
  • Jean-Jacques Grass
    CERN, Geneva, Switzerland
  This document will present an initiative launched during the International Particle Accelerator Conference (IPAC11) to define and produce a common web portal for Beam Instrumentation, with the aim of allowing any beam instrumentalist to easily and efficiently: - find the laboratories with machines using beams of similar characteristics (particle type, total beam intensity, bunch intensity, frequency, energy) - find the person who is working there on the beam observable concerned (i.e. beam position, loss, intensity, transverse or longitudinal profile, tune) and how to contact him/her. - create discussion forums with the right audience on hot beam instrumentation topics or issues - advertise topical events and workshop - provide links towards documents describing system designs and performance assessments. - and possibly more This document will cover the status and prospects of the project with the aim to invite and welcome new laboratories to join the adventure.