TUIC —  Invited Talk in Tuesday-C   (02-Oct-12   14:15—15:00)
Direct Observation of the Dust-trapping Phenomenon
  • Y. Tanimoto
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  Dust trapping has long been an unwelcome and mysterious phenomenon in electron storage rings. As it leads to a sudden decrease in beam lifetime, dust trapping has been a perpetual nuisance at the Photon Factory Advanced Ring (PF-AR) since its beginning in the 1980s. However, during recent research on dust trapping at the PF-AR, video cameras serendipitously captured the culprit behind this phenomenon; the cameras recorded a luminous micro-particle trapped in the electron beam, just as if a shooting star were traveling in the beam tube. In the successive research, supersensitive cameras repeatedly observed trapped dust particles, and revealed that they behaved differently under different conditions. My presentation will summarize these experimental results, as well as long-term statistics supporting present dust-trapping theories.