TUTA —  Tutorial in Tuesday-A   (02-Oct-12   08:55—10:05)
BPM Electrode and High Power Feedthrough - Special Topics in Wideband Feedthrough
  • M. Tobiyama
    KEK, Ibaraki, Japan
  Since most of the beam in accelerator runs in the vacuum chamber made of metal, it is needed to have 'feedthrough' to get or to put the RF signal from or to beam. For example, we can get the beam signal by using button-type electrode which have electrical isolation material to seal the vacuum. Now, many types of vacuum feedthrough with coaxial structure are available commercially. Nevertheless, it is meaningful to understand the design principle of the feedthough needed for the beam instrumentation, especially for short bunch length, high beam current machine. I will show the design method of the feedthrough such as BPM electrodes or high power feedthroughs using 3D EM-codes such as HFSS or GdfidL based on several examples developed for SuperKEKB accelerators.