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Fast Global Orbit Feedback Systems

Duration: 2 Hours

The use of fast orbit feedback systems is now a common feature of light sources and has been driven by decreasing tolerances on beam stability. The first half of the meeting is aimed at sharing the operational experience to discuss:

  1. What are the key elements in your implementation? I.e. the important aspects in your system that needed to be done correctly.
  2. What sorts of diagnostics have proven to be useful?

The second half of the meeting will be dedicated to future implementations. The general algorithm for computing the correction is to use an inverted response matrix calculated using a selected number of singular values via SVD and a PID controller to control the global output gain. At Elettra a 50 Hz comb filter was effectively implemented to damp the mains frequency and its harmonics. What methods can be applied to improve the system and make it more robust? For example:

  1. The system proposed for the NSLS II project.
  2. Filters to change high frequency phase response to extend the bandwidth?
  3. Adaptive control theories or neural networks?
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