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KEK and J-PARC Tour

We are planning to have an optional site tour on Oct. 4 afternoon (Thursday) on the choice between KEK (Tsukuba) and J-PARC (Tokai).

KEK (Tsukuba) Tour

At Tsukuba site of KEK, there are various particle accelerators such as KEKB B-Factory (electron-positron colliding rings), PF-ring, PF-AR (synchrotron light sources), and a 600-m-long linac injector. Developments for the International Linear Collider (ILC) have been performed at experimental accelerators ATF and STF. An Energy Recovery Linac (ERL) has been studied as a future light source, and a test accelerator named "Compact ERL (cERL)" is now under construction. As KEKB is in a luminosity upgrade shutdown, we can offer a rare chance to tour into the accelerator tunnel of the colliding rings.

As the available time for the site tour is limited, we plan to have the following two courses in the KEK tour.

  • Course K1: KEKB, KEK Linac, PF-ring, and cERL
  • Course K2: cERL, ATF, STF, and KEKB

Tentative schedule for the KEK tour is as follows,

  • 14:00 Depart from conference venue (after lunch)
  • 14:30 Arrive at KEK
  • 14:30-17:00 Site Tour
  • 17:00 Depart from KEK
  • 17:30 Arrive at conference venue

To make your reservation, please inform the registration desk of your name and affiliation by the morning of the KEK tour.

J-PARC (Tokai) Tour

J-PARC is located in Tokai site of JAEA (about one hour drive from Tsukuba), and its accelerator complex consists of an injector linac, 3-GeV RCS (Rapid Cycling Synchrotron), and 30-GeV MR (Main Ring). We plan to have the following course in the J-PARC tour.

  • Course J1: J-PARC Linac, CCR, MR

Tentative schedule for J-PARC (Tokai) Tour is as follows,

  • 12:30 Depart from conference venue (lunch in the bus)
  • 14:00 Arrive at Tokai
  • 14:00-16:30 Site Tour
  • 16:30 Depart from Tokai
  • 18:00 Arrive at conference venue

Please send the visit proposal described below to make your reservation.

Visit Proposal for J-PARC (Tokai) Tour

As J-PARC is located inside the JAEA site, an attendee for the J-PARC tour with foreign citizenship is requested to submit a Visit Proposal to JAEA. A MS Word document for the Visit Proposal can be downloaded by clicking the following link.

[Download Visit Proposal (212 KB)]

Please fill out the form on page 1 (only Part-A to Part-C), referring to the examples on page 2 and 3. Then, please send the filled document by e-mail to the conference e-mail address, If your companions attend the J-PARC tour also, a separate visit proposal is requested for each of your companions.

The deadline for Visit Proposal submission is at 24:00 JST (UTC+09) on September 15, 2012.

A foreign citizen is not allowed to enter the JAEA site without a visit proposal accepted in advance. Then, your reservation for the J-PARC tour might be automatically cancelled if you fail to meet the above deadline.

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