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Program Codes

Program Codes are the "unique identifiers" of contributions to the scientific program of the conference. They are used to identify contributions by type (oral, poster), and to place them in time (date of presentation), session (location) and sequence. They are used to identify the files of contributions to the proceedings.

Program codes are composed as follows:

  • The first two letters are the code for the day: MO, TU, WE, TH ;
  • The third letter pertains to the type of presentation:
    • I is for invited oral contributions ;
    • T is for tutorial contributions ;
    • C is for contributed oral sessions ;
    • PS is for poster;
  • The fourth letter, A, B etc., indicate the session for plenary session A , B etc. , for the poster session, the character A or B indicates the location for the poster session: A (Poster room 201) or B (Poster room 202);
  • The number at the end is the numbers within the session, for both oral and poster sessions.

For example:

MOIA01 would be the first invited oral presentation, in the A plenary session on Monday in the Main Hall.

MOPA01 would be a poster presented during the poster session scheduled on Monday afternoon in the Poster room 201.

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